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Reducing employee absenteeism by a third*
Healthier lifestyle through technology

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*67% of users are doing more than the minimum NHS guidelines which has reduced sick days by 30% based on survey of members and supported by government research. Please ask for more details

Healthy people is good business

    Doyle 2007
  • Lower
    Mayo Clinic 2007
  • Improved
    Isen 1999
  • Better
    Kopelman 2006
  • Superior
    Achor 2012
  • Increased RETENTION
    Deloitte 2014

From company wide exercise events to individual challenges

Active Inspiration makes it easy for your team to design highly engaging exercise challenges for everyone

Your team’s exercise goals, challenges and more

  • Plan challenges

  • Track Exercise & Show Progress

  • Show Leaderboards & Challenge Winners

Easy exercise tracking, no extra gear required

With the AI smartphone app, the team can take part in challenges immediately. Anywhere.

Employee engagement through
targeted challenges

Create multiple challenges to suit all exercise levels and preferences

  • Exercise trackers like Garmin & Fitbit
  • Step tracking from the AI smartphone app
  • Swimming, running, cycling, wheelchair and heart rate based
  • Assign to everyone, just a team or an individual

Make it rewarding

  • Set a prize for completing a challenge
  • Issue points for exercise
  • Set daily, weekly, monthly or even annual points goals
  • Convert points into prizes from the Active Inspiration catalogue
  • Mix up the prizes and challenges to keep motivation high

Monitor team progress

Get a clear overview of everything your team is doing – engagement, exercise levels and challenge success

  • See an aggregate view of your teams exercise
  • View engagement metrics such as last login,
  • last challenge and current challenge participation

Features that teams and managers love

Manage your team effortlessly


View invoices, manage team members, and access permissions


Get an overview of how your team are participating and exercising


Gamify your team’s engagement levels and visualise achievement trends over time.

Always secure and reliable


View invoices, manage team members, and access permissions


View invoices, manage team members, and access permissions


View invoices, manage team members, and access permissions

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