Healthy people is good for business

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Exercise creates happiness

  • Neurogenesis
    Exercise slows the rate of brain cell decline
  • Mitochondria
    Exercise can give you more energy throughout the day
  • Neurotransmitters
    Exercise causes your body to release a drug like high

Happiness increases productivity

  • Time management
    72% improvement in time management
  • Mental health
    79% said mental health and interpersonal performance was better
  • Workload
    74% said they managed their workload better

Exercise benefits

There are a number of employer benefits to having an exercise programme
  • Absenteeism
    Unhappy employees take on average an extra 1.25 days per month than happy employees
    Doyle 2007
  • Stress
    Exercise is a great way of reducing stress
    Mayo Clinic 2007
  • Creativity
    Alice Isen’s research suggests that being happy helps creativity since it frees up space in our brain
    Isen 1999
  • Sales deals
    Employees who were happy before going into the sales meeting performed better than people who were neutral
    Kopelman 2006
  • Service
    Achor identified that happy retail customer service orientated roles have a major impact on revenue
    Achor 2012
  • Retention
    Deloitte found that not only is happiness key to efficiency & effectiveness, it’s a key retainer of talent for organisations
    Deloitte 2014

62% of members do more exercise

Exercise barriers

  • Pre-intention
    Risk & resource communications
  • Intention
    Planning, how, where, when
  • Action
    Changing intention into action
  • Relapses
    Managing repetition and overcoming barriers

Core elements

  • Measurement
    Has to be low cost/no cost with options for as many trackers as possible. No manual entry
  • Challenges
    Employer, team and individual generated as well as sponsored by other organisations
  • Rewards
    Employer funded along with sponsored rewards to keep it as rich as possible

Data insight & evidence

  • Measurement
    Over 1.5million activities created per week. A snapshot of activity every day, every week and every month
  • Cost effective
    Single platform that allows costs to be shared making it effective for all
  • Idea sharing
    We learn from every challenge and activity on the platform as to what engages people and what doesn’t
  • Research
    Data is held at the University of Leeds and facilitates research from third parties