About us

We are a new breed of health tech company.

A spark of an idea in 2011 evolved into our mission: to use connected wearable data to motivate and incentivise people to be more active and live a healthier life.

It’s the best job in the world when you connect with someone and help them make a positive change to their life – and we’ve heard remarkable and inspirational stories from people we’ve connected with that use our apps and service.

We all spend a great deal of time working, that’s why we’re focussed on helping forward thinking Employers motivate their teams to exercise more, eat better, sleep more and generally reduce stress levels. Our AI platform collects all manner of exercise and health data, which we use to create insights and challenges for teams.

Our apps have been downloaded and used by over 700,000 people and we’ve built a reputation for success within government, national bodies of sport and more recently with Employers.

We will make the world a fitter, healthier place