About us

Active Inspiration is a world leader in workplace Physical Wellness technology.

For companies looking to encourage their employees to exercise a bit more, the Active Inspiration platform and apps make it easy, manageable and cost effective to deliver exercise challenges for teams or entire companies.



Our C-Suite exercise challenge starts every 2 weeks. It’s a fun and easy way to experience the Active Inspiration platform.

Many organisations struggle to encourage their employees to exercise more despite the direct benefits to employers. Employees who complete 150 minutes of exercise each week take 30% less sick days and exercise on the day of work reduces stress and improves productivity.

Our goal is to get every employee to track their exercise and complete at least 150 minutes of exercise each week and our technology makes it possible.

The Active Inspiration platform connects to all common wearables, smartphones as well as popular exercise apps. Employees create their own exercise challenge –  steps, running, cycling, swimming, or any form of exercise that can be tracked – and share it with colleagues.

Teams and organisations can create and share challenges for the whole organisation or take part in global challenges.

With over 7 years of experience, we know how to engage everyone in exercise no matter their starting point. With the ability to segment the audience, we can engage people in exercise on their terms.